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The Paradox Chronicles
Part 1: Plad's Legend
Book 1: The Shadow of Fear
Ch. 9: From Black to Gray

'quoted thoughts'
Note: if you are new plz start from the beginning a link is at the bottom

"Even that's too good for them." Ember spat angrily.
"What do you mean?" Plad asked, straining to hold himself back from running to his friend's side until the Dragon Slayers were far enough gone.
"He told them to 'burn in hell.'" Ember replied. No sooner had she said that then Plad sprinted from their hiding place to his fallen friend; Ember hot on his heels. Before Plad could reach Warlith's side; however, a blue-furred Intus leapt in front of him, snarling murderously, her hackles raised and teeth bared, blocking his path. Plad froze, his hand flying to the hilt of the sword at his waist. Before he could draw it to defend himself; however, Ember leapt upon the blue Intus. The two Intie fell into a fierce, snarling struggle, while Plad watched helplessly. He couldn't pull his sword and help her, not without running a great risk of inadvertently hurting her. Ember; however, had not only size and strength on her side, but she was also able to match the much smaller blue Intus in speed and agility; and so quickly pinned her adversary.

"Touch him and I swear I'll rip your throat out!" The blue Intus threatened, despite her defeated status and Ember's dark claws on her own throat. Plad gasped, he knew that voice!
"Let her up Em." He ordered, somehow it had come out calm, despite his frantic state.
"But Plad?!" Ember cried in confused shock.
The blue Intus looked up at Plad her delicate eyes, which were gray with just a hint of blue in them, were wide with astonished recognition.
"You're Plad?" She asked in a whisper.
Plad nodded. Ember, taking in the blue Intus's change from aggression to surprise, and that she and Plad somehow knew each other, slowly backed away, allowing her to get up. The blue Intus immediately limped over to Warlith's motionless figure, Plad and Ember following. Gently, she nudged his pale face, a few strands of black hair shifted from the movement and fell in front of his face, but he didn't respond to her touch. Plad knelt down and pressed two fingers to Warlith's neck, searching his friend for a pulse; praying that he would find one. He did. It was faint and irregular, but there. And he could see now –he had been to panic stricken to notice it before– that Warlith was still breathing, but only in quick, shallow, and laborious breaths.

"Is he alive?" Dextara asked with unusual tenderness.
"Yes, he is." Plad replied, his voice somehow calm. To Plad, it hardly even sounded like his own.
"For now." Blizzard finished in a flat tone.
"Blizzard's right," Dextara said, "we have to take him back with us. He'll die if we don't. Whoever he is he's obviously an enemy to the Dragon Slayers and that means he's probably on our side anyway."
"You're with the Dragons?" The Intus asked hopefully, looking directly at Plad.
Plad nodded, no longer trusting his voice enough to speak.
"Thank goodness." The Intus murmured looking extremely relieved.
"Come on." Dextara demanded with sudden impatience, "We can chit chat after we get him to Bellra and Mia."
Plad nodded and carefully picked up his unconscious friend. Warlith was surprisingly light, even for his slim frame. As Plad began to carry him back as quickly as he could manage he thought he heard Warlith murmur softly.
"I'm so sorry."
And this marks the end of a future short story that is basically Warlith’s backstory
Yay new character :happybounce:
:bulletpurple: Plad only recognizes our newest character by her voice and she only recognizes him by his name.
:bulletpurple: see ch.5 for how Plad know her (if you can’t remember or if you’re a bad little gremlin and are reading out of order :stare: )
:bulletpurple: even Warlith isn’t sure who he’s apologizing to
:bulletpurple: there are 8 sections to this chapter most of them short (I think I’ll go back to this format.. I think the few very long really long entries format scares people)
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