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The Paradox Chronicles
Part 1: Plad's Legend
Book 1: The Shadow of Fear
Ch. 9: From Black to Gray

'quoted thoughts'
Note: if you are new plz start from the beginning a link is at the bottom

Ryrus paced back and forth nervously, barley even hearing his brother's irritated demands for him to stop. He wanted to stop, but he couldn't. Every time he tried to sit down he would find himself pacing again within the minute. What if something were to happen to them?

'I should have gone with them. If they get injured they may not be able to make it back here. Why didn't I go with them?'

Of course, to be fair, Decus would never have let him go; he was more determined than most to keep Ryrus safe, especially since their parents' murder. Still, he should have gone, or at least had Decus go with them.

Suddenly, Blizzard burst ran in, instantly catching Ryrus's attention. His long legs were shaking, his broad chest heaving for hair.
"What happened?" Decus demanded, standing up while Ryrus went and knelt by their exhausted friend.
Breathlessly, Blizzard explained what had happened, Warlith's condition, and a short list of specific landmarks that marked the path the others would be taking.
"Decus, go find Bellra and Mia, and tell them what's going on." Ryrus ordered.
"You're not going out to go find them, are you?" Decus asked, alarmed.
"I am." Ryrus replied, already turning away.
"No I'll go help them. You stay here."
"Like hell I will." Ryrus snapped at his brother, even though it was himself he was angry with, and teleported to the last landmark Blizzard had mentioned, before Decus could say anything else. He didn't go to a farther one because he was afraid that he might overshoot them. He knew they were probably nowhere near this landmark yet, but Ryrus knew better than to underestimate Plad. Ryrus tore down the trail as fast he could, cursing himself all the while, mostly his stupidity for letting them go alone. A thought nagged at him though. ForestPool, he'd heard that name before, he was certain of it.
i wonder where he's heard that name before?...
:bulletpurple: umm… nothing except that this scene is foreshadowing for chapter 10 and some scenes later on…
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