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The Paradox Chronicles
Part 1: Plad's Legend
Book 1: The Shadow of Fear
Ch. 9: From Black to Gray

'quoted thoughts'
Note: if you are new plz start from the beginning a link is at the bottom

They were too far away. Plad was going as fast as he could, but they were still so far. For the first time, saving his friend's life seemed like a slim hope to him. He had been jogging up the trial back to the stronghold for almost fifteen minutes now and Warlith seemed to be only getting heavier with each step. Plad knew he wouldn't be able to keep this up much longer. Neither could Warlith. Over the past fifteen minutes he had been growing steadily weaker. Plad could only barely feel his heartbeat anymore and his friends breathing was so shallow now that, were it not for Warlith's faint heartbeat, Plad would have thought he was already dead.

Ember, who had run a little ahead of them to make sure the path was safe, came running back to them.
"Blizzard did it," She announced, her dark eyes shining with relief, "Ryrus is coming right now."
Just as she said this, he came into view, running towards them on the trail. He stopped in front of them, breathing heavily.
"Close your eyes." He told them softly, getting straight to the point, rather than wasting precious seconds with unnecessary details and restating the obvious. Plad did as he was asked. For a brief moment he felt the sensation of moving at a very high speed. When it was gone Plad opened his eyes.

Immediately Bellra came running up to them; Mia trailing behind her, pulling a rolling stretcher. Plad watched fretfully as Bellra checked Warlith's pulse and then pressed the back of her brown skinned hand first to his forehead, then to his cheek. Right about then, Mia caught up to her with the waiting stretcher in tow. Plad carefully laid Warlith down onto it. He almost jumped when he suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked over and found Bellra gazing at him with her wise, hazel eyes, framed with golden hair that was beginning to gray with her age.
"I can't make you any promises that he will live, but he is young and strong, and so has a good chance of recovery. I can promise you that we will do everything we can to save him."
"That's all I would ask." Plad replied, somehow able to find his voice in the old healer's gentle eyes.
Bellra's official introduction XD
Warlith's fate will be announced next time...
and with the settlement of that mystery
and the blue-Intus's name mystery
and the chapter name mystery
you will get another mystery! :evillaugh:
:bulletpurple: Bellra is 245 years old
:bulletpurple: the average lifespan for a Draconsel is 250 years
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