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“Chitsa! Chitsa wait up!”

Chitsa sighed, she loved her little brother, but she also liked having some time to herself every now and then.

“Dichali, why don’t you go play with Snow and Shalefire?” Chitsa suggested, naming Dichali’s two best friends.

“But I want to go with you!” The young, dark furred kit protested. “Where are you going anyway?”

“Up to the mountain.” Chitsa replied, she loved to go up there right after it snowed, there was always something special about fresh snow.

“Why? Because it snowed last night?”

“Yes, and you know that you’re too young to come with me.” Chitsa answered, at only eight years old Dichali still had another eight years to wait before he would be able to go with her.

“Oh, right.” Dichali replied dejectedly, his little white tipped tail drooping so low that it trailed in the freshly fallen snow. Chitsa couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. She tried to think of some way to cheer him up; some promise she could make to pacify him, preferably one she wouldn’t regret having made later. But, just then, she caught sight of her best friend, a young palomino Currus mare named Light-Sparkling, cantering towards them. Something was wrong, it was written all over her face; as Currus Light could sometimes sense something that was happening or was going to happen.

“Light, what’s wrong?” Chitsa called out, though she was fairly certain what the answer would be.

“Have you seen the pups?” Light asked, referring to three of the four biggest trouble makers they knew, River, Forest, and Shade, the fourth being Chitsa’s other little brother, Chesmu. Light and Chitsa often has to fetch them before their exploits got one of them seriously hurt.

“No. Let me guess, they’re at it again aren’t they?”

Light nodded.

“Dichali, I need you to go home or find someone else to play with, okay? Light and I need to go make sure Chesmu and the pups don’t do something stupid.” Chitsa told her brother with a grave seriousness that she felt fit the situation. Light nudged her friend in the shoulder, a friendly ‘lighten up’ sort of shove, making Chitsa yelp when she almost lost her balance.

“Snow’s down by the creek if you want to go play with him,” Light suggested, “just take care not to fall in.”

“If you do make sure to run straight home!” Chitsa called after him as he ran off to meet his best friend, Light’s little brother, Running-Snow.

The two friends had met in quite an unusual way, at least for them to have formed such a strong friendship from. The two boys had gotten into quite a heated fight shortly after meeting each other for the first time, which their sisters had had to break up. Afterwards Chitsa and Light had talked about how silly boys, their brothers in particular could be while the two boys played, their fight all but forgotten. The boys, and their sisters as well, had been best friends ever since. Chitsa couldn’t help but smile at the memory.

‘If only Chesmu could’ve picked such a well behaved best friend instead of three trouble makers like himself,’ Chitsa thought to herself, ‘then I wouldn’t have to go and look for them all right now. Oh well, I just hope the snow is still  powdery and fresh tomorrow.’
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Yes, yes another “short” story, and comparatively (like to The Shadow of Fear) it is.
This one has nothing to do with the main series “The Paradox Chronicles” it’s just a little side story I thought it’d be fun to write. It takes place 5 years after “Origins” (where the whole thing started & the prequel to The Shadow of Fear)
It is the story of Gelum, for those of you who don’t know he is the Elemental (“god” in our terms) of ice, and Chitsa, a mortal fell in love. Yes I know it’s cliché, but I want to write it anyway :tantrum:
Lol. Plz enjoy and comment XD

:bulletpurple: Chitsa is a Leedus (pl. Leedie), a cat like creature with the power to sense and read the emotions of others, even hidden/concealed ones that even the individuals themselves are unaware of.
:bulletpurple: The pups are Luxie (sing. Luxus), a wolf like creature very similar to the Intus, but without the elemental powers
:bulletpurple: Shalefire (who you’ll meet later) is a Vulra which is a fox like creature
:bulletpurple: the Currie are horse like creatures
:bulletpurple: Chitsa means “Fair”
:bulletpurple: Dichali means “speaks a lot”
:bulletpurple: Chesmu means “witty”
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