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Flames never die, for embers always live,
The spirit of a fighter, only so much can give,
Through adversity, sorrow, fear and pain,
The flame of a hero, dims in that relentless rain,

But even in the great monsoon, the flames do not die,
For one faint ember lives on,
Rescued in love before it was gone,
Nurtured with kindling of friendship and care,
Sheltered with love from fear's evil lair,

The light is small, quivering cold,
But day by day the flame blooms,
And cheerful laughter emerges from the glooms,
Still it's not quite there, not what it once was,
For once it was the flame of a spirited leader,

A fighter who could not be defeated,
In time the flames will recover,
History will say there is no other,
No leader so great, no fighter so brave,
No will so steadfast, so determined to save,
May his flames never die, and his embers always live.
poem insprired by Plad's Legend book 2 "The Last Moment"
(i know what happens in it already i just have to finish "The Shadow of Fear 1st)

my poor, poor Plad :sniff:
story: [link]
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December 2, 2012
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